Missouri Cave Guide

With over 6000 caves, it's no wonder that Missouri is known as "The Cave State"

Caves of South West Missouri


Fantastic Caverns
America's Ride-Thru Cave. Discover the timeless beauty of one of the earth's rarest treasures.  There are only four of its' kind in the world, and only one in North America.  Here, you'll discover one of the world's most beautiful natural wonders; giant columns stretching from floor to ceiling, delicate soda straws glistening with minerals and tiny cave pearls hidden in crystal-clear water.  Best of all, you'll see it close-up from the comfort of a Jeep-drawn tram.

Branson West

Talking Rocks Cavern
Pause for a moment during your families busy schedule of music shows and roller coasters and consider a family adventure with a different tempo.  Discover a beautiful landscape of glistening crystals that lies just beneath the surface.


Bluff Dwellers' Cavern
It was in 1925 that the cave was discovered by Arthur Browning, owner of the property, and two surveyors, Bob Ford and Bryan Gilmore, employed by the highway department.  Open to the public in 1927, Bluff Dwellers Cavern has been owned by the Browning Family continually.  Tours are given from March through October.


Smallin Civil War Cave
Discovered in 1818, Smallin Civil War Cave has had a varied past.  During the Civil War the cave was used as a shelter for traveling Union soldiers and a hiding place for Union supplies.  After the war the cave was used by the vigilante group known as the baldknobbers.  Later the property was used as a social gathering place and finally open to the public for tours.

Silver Dollar City 

Marvel Cave
300 feet below the park's surface lies one of nature's greatest wonders.  The Cathedral Room, inside Marvel Cave, is the largest entrance room in the United States.  Tours wind their way through a wet limestone cave that is still growing.  A unique cable train shuttles visitors a half mile back to the surface.