Missouri Cave Guide

With over 6000 caves, it's no wonder that Missouri is known as "The Cave State"

Caves of North East Missouri


Cameron Cave
Without the aid of electric lights, Cameron Cave can be seen in it's natural state.  The tour winds through a cave system much larger and complex than Mark Twain Cave and can be seen daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Mark Twain Cave
Mark Twain Cave, open in 1886, has been open and shown continuously during all the wars, the great depression and today. Come see for yourself all the natural wonder, beauty and the history, fictional and non-fictional, that the cave has to offer.


Onondoga Cave
Descend into the depths of Onondaga Cave State Park and drop into a world of wonder: towering stalagmites, dripping stalactites, and active flowstones help make the cave a National Natural Landmark and illustrate why Missouri is often called “The Cave State.” 

Cathedral Cave


Fisher Cave
Fisher Cave is truly one of the park's most spectacular natural wonders. Naturalist-led tours, offered on a seasonal basis, provide an interesting adventure for park visitors. From the low, narrow streamside passages to the huge rooms filled with calcite deposits, Fisher Cave offers one outstanding cave scene after another. Inside these rooms and passages are well-preserved bear claw marks, cave wildlife and a vast array of calcite deposits ranging from intricate helectites to massive columns 30 feet tall.


Meramec Caverns
Beneath the fertile rolling hills of the Meramec Valley, lies a complex of mineral formations and color as rare and unique as they are beautiful. These jewels of nature which took thousands of years to grow, are preserved in the spectacular sights of Meramec Caverns.